Manual Wood-Based Energy in the Northern Forests

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Bioenergy can play a major role in combatting forest degradation, thanks to extra sources of income to forest owners, municipalities and governments to manage their forests sustainably in the long-run. Carbon stock in EU forests has constantly increased over the past 15 years. European forests store large amounts of carbon both above ground in the leaves, stems, and other parts of plants and below ground trees produce large quantities of roots , rotting leaves, debris, and soil organisms that contain carbon.

Overharvesting reduces carbon storage

Between and , the average annual sequestration of carbon in forest biomass, soil and forest products reached million tonnes of CO2. To put this into context, this is equal to the average annual emissions of 97 million Europeans. Discussing the potential for sustainable woody bioenergy development is subject to debate as it depends on many variables and assumptions. Simple estimates of forest biomass potential that could be mobilised for energy use can be derived from the current size of forests, forest removals and forest bioenergy sector of a given country.

The primary energy production of forest biomass in the EU was If forest biomass mobilisation could reach For more information, download the following factsheet. What share of bioenergy does wood represent at EU level? Biodiversity, Biofuels, Agroforestry and Conservation Agriculture. Eric Lichtfouse. Michael Jones.

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Solid Bioenergy – An Asset to EU Forests ?

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Climate, economic, and environmental impacts of producing wood for bioenergy

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