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If you want to take a shot at Twitch stardom, here's everything you need to know about how to become a Twitch streamer, from basic hardware requirements to tips from the pros on keeping viewers happy. Don't worry; you can stream from a Mac, too. More important than your PC specs are your internet connection; you'll definitely want to stay wired via Ethernet for the best possible bitrate. If you're streaming PC games, you'll need a graphics card strong enough to support whatever you're playing and, ideally, one that supports DirectX 10 and up.

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If you want to go the mobile route, be sure to check out our guide to streaming to Twitch from a laptop. While Twitch's core system requirements are pretty forgiving, streaming and playing graphically intense games at the same time can put quite the load on your computer. Some popular streamers remedy this by using two PCs at once — one for gaming, and another for broadcasting.

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This essentially relieves your CPU of having to do too much of the heavy lifting. You can visit Twitch. The most essential part of any streamer's tool kit, broadcasting software lets you show your gameplay to the world. The two most commonly used streaming programs are Open Broadcasting Software OBS , which is completely free, and XSplit , which has a free tier but requires a paid subscription in order to use its key features.

Regardless of your choice of software, setting up your stream consists of the same general steps: picking your sources such as your computer monitor, gameplay feed or webcam , laying out how they'll all appear for the viewer, and finally, syncing up your Twitch account and going live. A young apprentice, having Magnetic ink appears normal in all respects, escaped with nothing more than the clothes on but it is actually a form of invisible ink that has his back, sold the secret of making invisible ink been alchemically altered even further.

He was robbed Magnetic ink performs much like invisible ink, and murdered several days later. As the ink is not Invisible ink is not exactly what it sounds like, magically invisible, it cannot even be seen with though it is very close. So long as the ink a see invisibility spell, though true seeing will remains in a stoppered jar or phial, it looks like certainly reveal it.

Once the ink has become any normal black ink. However, after half an invisible, it will forever remain that way, as hour of continuous exposure to air, it becomes magnetic ink does not react to the revealing completely transparent, utterly invisible to the powder used for ordinary invisible ink. Rather, naked eye. As the ink is not magically invisible, it has a very faint magnetic charge, too faint. Ink, Mirror 1 oz. The shavings cluster atop the otherwise with a long history, but once which never saw invisible letters, spelling out the message tremendous success, as the ink would dilute contained there.

This problem was solved ink is so faint that after one minute ten rounds about a century ago by an alchemist in the of holding the shavings in place, the charge employ of the society of assassins known as the is forever exhausted, rendering the message Black Noose.

Poisonous ink is exactly that, an permanently invisible. It retains the same Ink, Magnetic 1 oz. Once it was Ink, Poisonous 1 oz. However, it has cannot stand the light of the sun. This was the been alchemically altered to make any message last of the inks created by Navath Jeulle, the written in it utterly unintelligible. Navath died shortly gibberish. There is no powder inks, vampiric ink appears to be normal and or alchemical substance that causes the words unremarkable black ink.

Unlike burning ink, message in the mirror is perfectly legible. It does not require an alchemical Tathiela stocks this ink primarily out of a sense powder or a mirror to trigger it, however. Her best guess is that, is required to make vampiric ink appear.

However, they do not last long, as known as it once was.

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For example, a sheet of paper will The effect of magnetic dust is entirely dependent be destroyed, while a wooden plank would upon the equipment of the individual exposed to be badly charred. In the case of the latter, the it.

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A target carrying no metal besides a dagger charring is too extensive to retain any sign of with be all but unaffected, though the dagger the message. A piece of paper bearing a message Strength An individual wielding a sword written in vampiric ink could be folded in half and wearing a steel breastplate, however, would to protect the message from the sun. Even if the individual magnetic ink, Tathiela put her mind to what is able to wrest his sword away from his other magnetic and alchemical combinations breastplate, a feat which requires a Strength she might be able to create.

Magnetic dust is ability check DC 20 , it will continue pulling the result of those efforts. Unlike metal armour such as scale mail, chain mail, those two items, however, magnetic dust causes splint mail, banded mail, half plate or full plate no damage, but is nonetheless a potentially suffers the worst effects of magnetic dust.

The devastating attack. This will have little to helpless, though he can still take actions which no effect on some individuals, dependent upon do not require movement, such as casting a spell how they are equipped, but against a heavily with only verbal components. If the helpless armoured foe the effect of magnetic dust is character succeeds with a Strength ability check devastating. The dust immediately rockets toward take any actions which require movement.

In the nearest concentration of metal, adhering this state, the character is treated as if he were to the surface of that metal and temporarily stunned. The magnetic charge of the magnetic dust, one that retains its charge for longer than one round, but all her attempts to. Tandos not without a side effect. The virulence of Ravenfoot of The Beast Within is particularly purging draught also acts as a mild poison, with keen to see an improved magnetic dust, and an initial damage of one point of Constitution very nearly salivates at the thought of how many and a secondary damage of 1d3 Constitution.

These effects can be resisted with a successful Fortitude saving throw DC Magnetic Dust: gp; 4 lb. Purging draught is not effective against microscopic creatures, and thus has no effect Poison Smear on disease.

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It does not heal damage already This jellied substance is designed to be mixed dealt, it only slays the parasites that might be with poison and smeared onto a blade. It forms causing damage. Second, though have survived the tiny but terrible dangers of the poison will often wipe from a blade after one swamplands if not for this creation. Considering or two strokes, the tarry nature of poison smear the fame Maricus earned for his successful keep the blade envenomed for longer.

For Purging Draught: 50 gp; 1 lb. One jar of poison smear is enough to treat a Medium- Receiving Paper sized weapon, such as a longsword. Receiving paper is simple paper that has been alchemically altered. It looks like normal paper, Poison Smear: 75 gp per jar though there is a slight feeling of stickiness when the paper is touched.

The altered properties of receiving paper allow it to pick Purging Draught up an image of any ink it is placed against. For This vile, unwholesome-looking liquid was example, placing a sheet of receiving paper created by Tathiela for Maricus Leorn, an atop a royal proclamation would immediately adventuring friend who intended to mount an create a copy of the proclamation on the expedition into an ill-famed swamp in search receiving paper. The original of whatever is of a lost tomb. The abilities of her friend copied remains intact, and it is impossible to and his companions ensured they were well- tell without the use of magic that it was ever prepared to deal with enemies that attacked copied.

The copy made by the receiving paper with spell or sword. The greatest concern is a reversed image of the original meaning that were the tiny creatures of the swamp, beings the letters are all backward and the text runs in that would squirm or burrow inside the body the opposite direction , and therefore the image or attach themselves to the skin. To prevent from the receiving paper is often recopied by the expedition from falling prey to such hand, or at least read with a mirror. Unfortunately, this is of receiving paper. Receiving Paper: 10 gp per sheet rubbed on, then wiped off a moment later, leaving hairless skin behind.

It will work on any hair or fur on the body. Shaving cream Ropestaff does little to impede normal hair growth, which The ropestaff was originally created by resumes two days after shaving cream is applied. According to Tathiela developed this product for a friend of family tradition, its creation was actually an hers, a female wizard named Isolde Haclava. By applying Ropestaff appears to be completely normal the shaving cream every other day, Isolde was rope, though it does have an unadorned brass able to keep this curse a secret until her death.

The rope can be coiled, tied However, as the cursed hair growth continued into knots or hung from a tree. If the brass cap even after death, her secret was revealed to the at one end is twisted two full turns, however, surprise of all after her body was allowed to lie the rope springs into a perfectly straight, rigid in state for several days. The only exception to this is that the rope It takes approximately ten ounces of shaving cannot untie itself; if it has a knot in it, the rope cream to treat the entire body of an average will retain its original shape, though it will still size human.

Ropestaff is sold in six-foot lengths, which is Skinseal how it came by its name, as when rigid, the Sold in small glass jars, skinseal is a translucent, ropestaff is perfectly serviceable as a quarterstaff.

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Skinseal is spread so thinly on the skin that it is absolutely invisible once it is applied. Skinseal Ropestaffs can be and often are used in place provides no bonuses whatsoever to armour class of regular ropes or manacles to bind a prisoner, or saving throws, nor does it impart any sort of though care must be taken to ensure the prisoner resistance or damage reduction to the user. In cannot reach the brass cap that will make the fact, skinseal serves only one purpose, though it ropestaff limber again. When used to bind a does that very well. The coating skinseal forms prisoner, then made rigid, the ropestaff is treated on the skin is absolutely impermeable by any as having the exact same characteristics as a kind of disease or poison.

Obviously, skinseal normal set of manacles, though the bonds of a is only effective against contact poisons, as all ropestaff cannot be undone by a knock spell. Ropestaff: gp; 1 lb. It is. Far less well known than appears to have some terrible disease.