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Sarah opens her eyes to behold the alien world of Nirayel as she occupies the body of the computer-generated Paladin, Selina Valorous, who just happens to be a personal, if not precisely genial comrade-in-arms to Borin Krue. While the leaders of Arbitos and Spurious Grove prepare to commemorate their upcoming alliance, dark mischief is afoot both above and below the streets of Arbitos.

As Empire agents seek to sabotage an association that could very well put an end to their plans for invasion, their superiors determine that both of the newly appointed Ambassadors must die. Sarah attends the Ambassadorial Inauguration under the escort of her good friend Marcus, a well-meaning fellow Paladin whose interest in Selina escalates directly after her disgusted condemnation of Borin's liaison with a barmaid.


Still confused by that strange turn of events, she encounters Jesterwolf, who also happens to be the character template for her brother, Jesse. What follows is an unforeseen failure on the program's part to discern a similarity in neuro-pathways often found in relatives, especially siblings. Arbitos is suddenly attacked by the Dark Empire. Enemies burst through an exploded section of stone wall surrounding the city. Having been caught unaware, the people of Arbitos cannot hope to prevail.

Their only option is to evacuate the city, assuming that an avalanche of bloodthirsty Dark-elves doesn't overtake them first. The pace quickens, the plot thickens, and Borin Krue's problems have only just begun as Book Two of the Rendering Nirayel series continues to expand the horizons of a world seemingly more real than the one he can't remember. Here at Walmart.

Stepping on Arbitos [Rendering Nirayel Book 2]

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