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Some would actually talk to me about human rights while they were doing horrible things to me! One punter slang term for men who buy sex actually resuscitated me and then carried on doing what he was doing to me. Always being surrounded by people who wanted to kill me made me think I should commit suicide as that would piss them off! I mentally closed down. At the time I thought I was choosing punters, but now I realise that men knew they could offer me money and that they could be violent towards me; it was a small town and they knew through word of mouth.

Now when I look back, I see that there was a hell of a lot of organisation behind what happened to me. For the longest time I hated going to the cinema as normally punters would take me there to have sex. When men found out I read, some would buy me books like Lolita and Marquis de Sade. I once set fire to a copy of Lolita. My abuser used to read Marquis de Sade to me at bedtime. Many wanted to see me regularly. One guy kept me in his flat for 8 days. I would like to go back to school, maybe get a communications degree. I will continue to work towards the abolition of prostitution.

Within a month, however, I started getting a strong response and now I use it to be political and to talk about the trauma associated with prostitution. As an escort most of the guys who bought me were very rich - many were training to become leaders in their own countries. Some of them are now in positions of power. People disconnect prostitution from other rights abuses.

It makes me cynical about governments and those that run them.

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Punters are so arrogant. I look back at the escorting and think those punters really hated me. A lot of men were in denial about what they were doing so they would pay me with food or alcohol or give me a bed for the night. The guys who thought they were gentle or talked a lot, I hated the most. They wanted to know things about me as a human being, while they wanted to do all these things to me. I hate the punters and the way they make so many excuses for what they do.

I hate that what they do is justified by society. I hate that they made me feel I should be grateful to them. I feel like they put poison in me. I also contribute to Sex Trafficking Survivors United online forum. I campaign for abolition and changing laws. Rebecca and her organisation, Sex Trafficking Survivors United, along with other survivor-led organisations such as SPACE International, have been unequivocally calling for the UN, EU and national governments to support the Nordic Model and to reject decriminalisation and legalisation of the prostitution industry.

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Hear more about our actions and campaigns and how you can get involved, including whether you can help with fundraising. Toggle navigation. A second new tollgate was attacked at Llanboidy. Trouble died down when it was agreed by the authorities that the gates would be not be rebuilt. The disturbances started again in when the Whitland Trust built a new gate at The Mermaid, on the lime road at St Clears in Carmarthenshire.

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This was destroyed in November, as were the tollgates at Pwll-trap and Trevaughan. The gates were rebuilt, but all gates in St Clears were destroyed by 12 December. The government refused to send soldiers and so the magistrates called in the marines from Pembroke Dock and the Castlemartin Yeomanry Cavalry. The rioting continued. In May , the tollgates at Carmarthen were destroyed and in June a crowd of 2, tried to burn down the workhouse there. Troops were called in as the movement became more violent. In August, riots took place for the first time in Glamorgan at Llanelli.

The tollgates at Pontardulais and Llangyfelach were attacked. In October, during a riot at the Hendy Gate near Swansea, the tollhouse keeper was killed. Attacks occurred in Cardiganshire and Radnorshire as well. The main trigger for the Rebecca riots came from farmers having to pay high tolls to use the roads, but there were other reasons for their discontent. Wales had seen a population increase since the start of the 19th century.

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  • This increased competition for land and jobs and added to unemployment and poverty. Most of the farmers in these areas were small holders who grew enough to support their families. They rented their land from wealthy landlords. The landlords wanted to make more money and started to reduce the number of smallholdings available to rent.

    They created larger farms that could only be rented at a much higher price. The income of tenant farmers was further reduced because they had to pay tithes.

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    Tithes were payments made for the support of the parish church. These payments were made in kind, for example crops or wool. Tithes were paid to the Anglican Church in almost all Welsh parishes once a year.

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    In , an act was passed replacing payment in kind by a money payment that was fixed by the vicar or sometimes by the local landowner. Another cause for discontent was the new Poor Law set up in England and Wales in The rioters attacked workhouses as well as tollgates. The law meant that poor relief money was no longer paid to the able-bodied poor. Instead, they were forced to live in a workhouse where conditions were deliberately made harsher than the worst conditions outside the government believed that the cause of poverty was laziness or a bad character.

    Poor harvests in and increased shortages and poverty. There was a good harvest in , but the benefits of this were lost because that was a year of economic depression, so industrial workers could not afford to buy agricultural goods. Lastly, there were big social divisions between the gentry large landowners and the small tenant farmers and labourers who worked on the land.

    The gentry tended to belong to the Church of England Anglican and spoke English. They often served as local magistrates or were Poor Law officials or belonged to Turnpike Trusts.

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    They fixed the poor rate, the tolls and the tithes. They had little in common with those who worked on the land and often made decisions that suited their own interests. The rest of the population was Welsh-speaking and Non-Conformist. The authorities eventually suppressed the Rebecca riots, using troops and the full force of the law. Some rioters were caught and sentenced to transportation. Social conditions also changed over the decade. Improvements in the laws controlling turnpike trusts and the coming of the railway eased many of the transport problems in west Wales.

    People could move more easily to find work and this helped reduce pressure in rural areas for jobs.

    The ending of the Corn Laws in , and attempts in to make the Poor Law less cruel, also helped. It looks at the story of the Rebecca riots through evidence relating to the nature of the movement, the experience of some of those involved and the reaction of the authorities. Part of industrialisation was the transport revolution, which involved the turnpike system on the roads and ultimately the coming of the railways. Source 1 provides evidence of the aims and concerns of the movement.

    It also reveals the lack of opportunities for those aspiring to protest — they had to conceal their identity to avoid capture. The means of social control used by the authorities are evident in the source. Source 3 reveals more about the attitude of the authorities and shows that punishments were severe transportation for those who damaged the tollgates and houses.