PDF Prep Not Panic: Keys to Surviving the Next Pandemic

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Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Premium free for 1 month See the options. Swine Flu Plc: Cashing in on the pandemic. You can form your own view. Subscribe now. That could take months, maybe up to a year before the outbreak is under control.

In some cases, it could take longer and indeed, some historic pandemics took many years to contain. Between and the Black Death decimated a third of the population of Europe. Between and , the San Francisco bubonic plague decimated the West Coast. Throughout this article, there are a number of links you can click to learn more about preparing for a pandemic and especially about bugging in during a shelter in place situation. That being said, being aware of the seriousness of the situation, and what you need to do to survive a pandemic gives you a big advantage over your neighbors who may not be at all prepared.

Former U. Preppers have a unique advantage in that they come to this table with a strong self-reliance mind set. Most have already thought about various crisis situations and what might be needed to meet those scenarios. So the challenge to every Backdoor Survival reader is to take this information to heart and follow through with plans to fill in any gaps in your total preparedness plan wherever you see a need. Preparation is not static. We are constantly learning how to be more self- reliant and better able to take care of ourselves and our families in any situation.

Prepare to self-quarantine with everything you might need for three months. Consider the recommendations in this article. Research your local emergency preparedness resources to see if your town or city has them available. Sit down with those in your household and brainstorm specifically about what would be needed for physical, emotional, spiritual, recreational educational and medical well-being if you were required to shelter within your home for an extended period.

If you live alone, there are other considerations as well.

A. No, never.

There may be special needs individuals whose requirements come into consideration. After the plan is made, begin putting the plan into action until it is as complete as you can make it. We need to be proactive and prepare now instead of being reactive under emergency conditions. Being prepared will increase the chances that everyone in your home will be able to deal with it all, and come out on the other side in good shape.

Prep Not Panic: Keys to Surviving the Next Pandemic

If you enjoyed this article, consider subscribing to email updates. Want more info on pandemic preparation? It has already been confirmed in Oregon, I believe and healthcare professionals are monitoring someone that may be exposed to it here in Jackson County.

However, I would not be worried unless there are more cases confirmed. How close? The nearest town is 24 miles away. We are shutting down at two cases within 25 miles. My children will not have this option. One is a OR specialist, a career director at a collage and another in public service. Before they come they will be quarentined at their homes. We are all within five miles, and could bring them here after if needed. Hopefully they are supplied for as long as it takes though. In fact, there was a scare in Newark Airport where the person was found to not be infected, but we were already in the prep stages.

We realized how short we are in Pandemic prepping and started working our plan for it. Full hunkerdown? Probably my immediate neighborhood or 3 mile radius if my sons school was at risk. I couldnt pull him out for any length of time unless possible threat was in the school. Luckily I work from home. I know here in Florida they have on line school as well as very liberal homeschool rules that allow parents to take their kids out of school for a period of time or for good, especially in situations like this.

If you make some calls or do a search you could have that information at hand and be ready to bring your child home until the crisis passes. Since you work from home, this might allow you the peace of mind to be more productive if Ebola gets that close. Just a thought. Good luck! We live about 50 miles southwest of Dallas. We started making plans as soon as the first person was identified.

We opted not to panic, just prepare and play the wait and see game. We were lucky this time. Nearest small community is 25 miles, large city 80 miles. I would start shutting down when it reaches the large city since people commute from the smaller one. I would hunker down as soon as someone in my county became infected.

I have dried gloves and hats in my old one when grandkids come in from outside in the winter. We live apx. Lots of folks wrk in the small town, too. I live in the tri-state area of Ky, In, and IL.

Emergency preparedness checklist: Prepping for beginners

If anyone in one of these 3 states was diagnosed with Ebola, I would put out the word to my children and grandchildren, that I am going into quarantine and give them my thoughts on the reasons. I would give them the opportunity to join me, as they know of my preps. I am feeling like the Doberman guarding the front door and watching and listening. I am watching to see where the suspected cases are and if any are confirmed. It is distressing to think the media would hide it from us.