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I liked Jack a lot.

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She's spunky, but oh so human. I am sure the story was a good story, but having listened to many different narrators by this time, I certainly have my favorites. I just could not get by this narrator's monotone and lack of inflection which ruined the story for me. I skipped ahead just to get the "gist" of the story because it was too painful to listen to.

The narration was awful.

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The narrator couldn't quite get a Cornish accent so settled on a bit of a cajun one for some of it but gave up.. She should have given up all together on the accents, it would have been tolerable then. The story however was good. I will be looking for more books from this author as long as they get a different narrator. I do not like to give bad reviews on narrators But I seriously couldn't even believe my ears. Sometimes narrators say words differently because of their nationality - this narrator WOW - she mispronounced too many words to count.

I am not claiming to be a Rhodes scholar, but the narrator comes across as uneducated. I'm not saying she is - but she seems very uneducated about historical terminology and English nobility. She made Gabriel the male lead sound like a robot It was so terrible. I truly couldn't get past her narration. I bet if I had listened with another narrator I would have given the story 2. The story wasn't the best ever - but to pass the time cleaning it may have been tolerable - BUT NOT the case with this narrator.

Do NOT waste your credit or money. Seriously - don't do it. I should have listened to the other reviewers If you could sum up Pleasuring the Pirate in three words, what would they be?

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Fun Sexy Romp. What was one of the most memorable moments of Pleasuring the Pirate? When said pirate found out he couldn't trust his 5 nieces not to roast him alive How does this one compare? Not yet but I will watch for her in the future. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Yes but it took a couple of days to get it done. Would you listen to Pleasuring the Pirate again? It was easy to listen to What was the most interesting aspect of this story?

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    Pirate by Connie Mason (1998, Paperback)

    Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied. Canada Only. North America. Show only see all Show only. I think her plan to try to marry a wimpy man that she could run over was actually pretty solid But why marry at all?

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    I'm glad you asked, random Goodreader! In order for her to inherit her family's estate, the will states that she must be married to a noble and either have a child or be pregnant with one by her next birthday. Problem solved for both of them, except she believes he's too dominant for her purposes. Also, she used to be still is, sorta a pirate. While I liked her original motives, after a while avoiding marriage to Daniel got on my nerves.

    They were both very attracted to each other lots of heavy make-out sessions , he likes her quirks , he's funny and easy to talk to, and he keeps asking her to marry him. And while I do love the back-and-forth thing in romances, if it goes on waaaaay too long or get waaaaay too crazy, my eyes glaze over and I start to check out. By the end? Boy, did this get wacky I liked Daniel well enough. Too bad he wasn't paired up with a more likable heroine because he was pretty much what I look for in a fantasy guy.

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    Sadly, Valoree's idiotic stunts towards the end made me wonder what in the world he saw in her. All these little unnecessary side plots started rapidly tidying up in a pretty unorganic way.

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    Still, at the very end, Valoree kicked ass pretty hard. To me, it gave some redemption to the asinine way she acted during other parts of the story. It's a readable story, but ultimately not what I was looking for to scratch my Pirate itch. View all 18 comments. Oct 19, SmartBitches rated it did not like it Shelves: historical-romance , f-grade.

    I needed crazysauce. I needed banana-crackers. Valoree the names! She and her brother were the children of some peer or another, and discovered when Valoree was about 8 or so that their guardian had bled their inheritance dry. Nothing left to do but acquire a ship and a letter of marque and go a-pirating to get enough money to restore the estate. As one does. Okay, no. BUT NO. And she married and tried to fuck him while he was too drunk to know what was happening.

    Nothing about that is okay, and yes, I finished the book but only out of spite. Up until the whole rape business, I was enjoying myself. Sands was not taking things seriously and was letting the wacky flag fly with this crew of pirates who just want their captain to be happy, even in spite of herself. And as the crew and Valoree try to navigate society, wackiness ensues, including using cake batter and raspberries as makeup. But then we get to this whole rape thing and that just killed it dead.

    I know this was originally published in , and we were still in the transition out of the Old School rapiness.