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I beseech you and adjure you, 2. Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon. London: John Murray, , pp. Corrected and also translated by Segal as Nr. I adjure you to be wounded 3. I adjure you and I beseech you into the membrane of your to be wounded into the mem- heart and by the spear of Tiqs brane of your heart by the spear the hero, who is the ruler over of Eqarus the angel, the hero, demons and over liliths.

This I have written against rits and wraiths and liliths. Oh, oh, I keep you from her and the house of Bhrnduk, 4. This I have written and thus daughter of Niunduk and from I have expelled you from Bad- her son.

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As demons write letters of 5. As your name is written, take divorce and give them to their your letter of divorce and accept wives and they do not return to your vow, bolt out, flee and go them, take your letters of divo- and escape from the house and rce and accept your vow and go residence and palace and buil- and bolt out and flee and leave dings and threshold and from from the house of Bhrnduk male sons and female daughters daughter of Niunduk.

In the name of Higih and Dih 6.

Here are designated the clients of the bowls. Here we can see a unique attempt to translate this originally Jewish terminus technicus into the Mandaic language. Mandaic magic amulets are using the names of angelic beings or Archangels known from the Jewish tradition. Thus we can found the names of the Archan- gel Gabriel gbreil, gabreil, gabreiil 31 or the Archangel Rafael ruapail, rupail, rupaeil, rupeil, rupieil In your name!

Bibliography in: A Corpus of Syriac Incantation Bowls

Suppress and trampl e in the name of the angel Gabreil and the male Ramptit and the female Ramptan. Aramaic and Mandaic Magical Bowls. In the name of Markeiil and Rupieil and Gabreiil the angel, who hates and interdicts the evil eye. There will be for him healing and favour, glory and honour, speech, hearing and greatness. And speaking, heared, vindicated and justified will be Adam, son of Simat.

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And they will be crushed, all the haters and enemies of Adam, son of Simat under the feet of Adam, son of Simat. Amen, amen, selah. And inviting and bringing are these amulets the healing for somebody son of somebody and they will not free one another. In the name of Iahu Iaia and of Iu the Light. Eerdmans Publishing, , p. Amulets and Magic Bowls. Jerusalem: The Magnes Press, , pp.

Mission scientifique en Perse. Paris: Ernest Leroux, , p. Angel Markeiil whom we know from one of the previous translations is also present here. Interesting is also the cos- mogonic information about Adunai which is definitively of Jewish origin. In the name of Iaiaiaiaiaiaia Iahuiahuiahuiahuiahuiahui- ahu. In the name of Markeiil.

In the names of those angels of love, of lust and passion. In the names of these angels. In the name of the mistress of gods and men. Because the Jewish God under the name Adonai is understood as the god of demons in the Mandaean belief system, he is often invoked in magic formulae to pacify his subjects.

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Mandaeans ascribed to him the role of the driver of the Sun chariot. The angels, I have seen; I throw on them a great vault which is upon the sorceries and I tangled them all together and surrounded all the mysteries they possess. Very interesting is the fact we can find the names of Mandaic godly beings in Jewish magical texts. Diwan Abatur or Progress Through the Purgatories.

Citta Del Vaticano: Thesaurus sive Liber Magnus. Leipzig: T. Sohm presents a systematic and historical exposition of Roman private law, introducing a new element into the legal studies of the English-speaking world. By Louis Dyer. This edition of the Greek text is an excellent reader for any student of classics. It ends with a fifty page Greek-English vocabulary covering the entire material. Through the course of eight lectures, Franz Cumont gives a thorough investigation of the afterlife in Roman pagan thought.

He covers topics such as the afterlife, celestial immortality, untimely death, the sufferings of hell and metempsychosis, the felicity of the blessed, the journey to the beyond, and more. This is a classic book on the history of freedom of thought, covering ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. In addition, this early monograph deals with the Reformation, followed by the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries.

Vergil in the Middle Ages By D. Long before its translation into English, this book secured its author a permanent place in the ranks of European philologists. Comparetti depicts a comprehensive history of the medieval conception of Vergil, then seeks to determine their nature, causes, and connection with European thought. Edited by T. Corey Brennan. This is volume 2, number 2 of the New Series []. Series: Kiraz Chronicles Archive 3. This is a Syriac edition, with English translation, of the folk-lore and legends connected to Alexander the Great.

This ancient text represents a Greek text that is much older than any other known version. Series: Kiraz Chronicles Archive 8.

Jewish Amulets, Magic Bowls, and Manuals in Aramaic and Hebrew

This standard edition of the Chronicle, composed in AD , is considered one of the most valuable authorities for the period with which it deals. The manuscript from which the text is derived is a palimpsest copied between and Justinian and Theodora By Robert Browning. It is the story of a peasant's son who becomes emperor and enthrones a dissolute actress beside him. Series: Kiraz Chronicles Archive 9. The Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius of Caesarea, who flourished in the fourth century, has long been considered a landmark in Christian historiography. Written originally in Greek, a Syriac translation appeared during or shortly after the lifetime of the author.

Writing in an era when the Oxford Movement was reaching a wide array of Anglicans with the forgotten connections with orthodoxy, Hore presents a sympathetic view of Byzantine Christianity.

Following the trials and difficulties of the early church after it received imperial approval, a sketch of the Greek Church, including the "separatist" Churches, emerges. By Naomi Graetz. A contemporaneous and religiously meaningful retelling of biblical stories by a feminist who looks at intimate lives of people inhabiting the Bible.

Series: Kiraz Chronicles Archive Composed in three parts, the book chronicles a critical period in the Syriac Orthodox Church, and represents the greatest literary work by the author. It includes grammatical, historical, and geographical notes in English and German. By Joseph Bonomi. The author presents the discoveries of Botta and Layard and applies them to the writings of the Bible.

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This third edition charts all the discoveries made in the s with chronological tables. The volume contains illustrations. Southgate's encounters with the Syriac-speaking Christians of Turkey shed a light on the life and status of this ancient Christian minority. This is a reprint of the classical study by Pickard-Cambridge about Greece's most famous political orator, Demosthenes.

It deals with his role in the last struggle of the Greeks for freedom against the Macedonian Empire. A necessary tool for any student of classics or Homer. A novel feature of the work is the introduction into the text of nearly one hundred and fifty small wood-cut images of various topics.