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This approach compromises the integrity of the chapter specifically and characterizes the book as a whole. The illustrations are also strangely selected. While there are no diagrams of the MB fortifications cf. Particularly unsettling is the face-value deference to the biblical depiction of Jerusalem from the time of Joshua to David's conquest. The same chapter that begins with a sober treatment of execration toponymics ends improbably with a journalistic paraphrase of David's purchase of the threshing floor for the ark.

Chapter 3 covers the archaeological period of the Iron Age II, beginning with the united monarchy. Ben-Dov apparently attributes the stepped-stone structure in Area G to the eleventh century, but one must infer this date from a photograph caption p. Following this is a lengthy survey of Solomon's capital, replete with a full description of the temple as informed by the text of 1 Kings. Here Ben-Dov elects to fill more space with speculative depictions of undiscovered architecture than illustrations and discussion of important extant archaeological remains.

Subsequent topics of note include the westward expansion of the city, Warren's Shaft, the Siloam tunnel, Ramat Rahel, and the necropolis. Each chapter is abundantly illustrated, although the accompanying text often limits the potential impact of the illustrations. On the whole, both the scholar and lay reader would do better to consult the new Carta edition of the Macmillan atlas, even with its more limited treatment of Jerusalem.

One might best characterize Meir Ben-Dov's Historical Atlas of Jerusalem as a popular coffee-table book offered for sale at a scholarly price were it not for the absence of lavish and colorful pictures. The solicitation of peer review in this medium, however, suggests a more erudite intent and demands a fiercer level of scrutiny. If the author intended to produce a scholarly English edition of the antecedent Hebrew version, there is much to answer for. Neu bearbeitet von F. Handtke, Achte vermehrte und verbesserte Auflage.

Outline color lithograph engraving double page map of Palestine, with inset detail plan of major buildings in Jerusalem. Prime meridians are Greenwich, Paris and Ferro. Includes legend and tables. Map of Jerusalem World Atlas Related. Map of Jerusalem. Reduced from Ordnance Survey. Published for: Wood Brothers Cash Store Unadilla, New York.

Uncolored map. Shows historical boundaries, settlements, cities, villages, and detail plan of major buildings in Jerusalem. The half tribe of Manasseh, beyond Jordan, by T. Four maps on 1 page. Shows various tribes or people of the Holy Land, settlements, routes, rivers, etc. Includes explanation. Tribes of Asher and Naphtali, by T. Judea World Atlas Related. Judea According to the Apocryphal Books, by T.

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Paul, by T. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. Carte de la Palestine et de l'Arabie Petree pour l'intelligence de l'histoire des Hebreux depuis leur sortie d'Egypte jusqu'a l'avenement du Messie. Publiee par J. Andriveau-Goujon, Rue du Bac, no. Hand col. Prime meridian: Paris. Map of Palestine or the Holy Land. Philadelphia: Published By E. Shows boundaries, major cities, rivers and mountains. Prime meridians are Ferro and Washington.

Includes notes and reference to landmarks in Ancient city of Jerusalem. Syrien und die angraenzenden Laender zur Zeit der Kreuzzuge. Juli Juni Poppey sc. Spruner's histor.

War and Peace: Carta's Historical Atlas of Israel

Atlas: S. Gotha: Justhus Perthes. Par le Sr. Chez l'Auteur aux Galeries du Louvre. Borders hand col. Relief shown pictorially. Inset maps: Les Tribus -- Jerusalem -- Positions determinees par les distances donnees, sur une echelle reduite au tiers. Carte des regions et des lieux dont il est parle dans le Nouveau Testament. Jesus Christ. Dressee par M. Jacques a la Ville de Bordeaux. Avec privilege du Roy.

Review of Meir Ben-Dov, Historical Atlas of Jerusalem.

Boundaries outlined in hand col. Ornamental cartouche. Includes note. Prime meridian: Ferro.

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Morse and Samuel Breese New York. The Cerographic Bible Atlas By Sidney E. Morse, Outline and full color map. Shows settlements, cities, towns, villages, major buildings, routes, mountains, rivers, etc. Includes explanation and list of tribes.

ISBN 13: 9780684141947

Prime meridian is Greenwich. Chicago, Scale of Jerusalem map ca. Carta della Palestina sotto il dominio de' Romani.

History of the Jews - summary from 750 BC to Israel-Palestine conflict

Napoli La presente carte e stata eseguita col pennello su pietra, a fa parte dell'Atlante Geografico che si esegue e si pubblica in Napoli da Benedetto Marzolla, presso del quale trovasi vendible. Lithographed map. Stich, Druck u. Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts in Hildburghausen, Administrative boundaries hand col. Includes 4 inset maps and profile: Hohendurchschnitt vom Sinai bis z.

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