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Apostle Samuel L. Member Services. Sunday Life Groups: a. Sunday Service: 10 a. Wednesday Bible Study: p. Salvation New Here? My story is one of rebellion and redemption. Of being lost and then found.

Only by the grace of God!

Of living without purpose and then finding an abundant, meaningful life. Everything He does has the fingerprints of His goodness upon it. My journey with Jesus started when I was a very young child. And at that moment, I knew I would never be the same again. Still today, my heart is moved as I reflect back on what Christ has done for me.

I stand in amazement of one thing: Jesus' mighty power to save. Click To Tweet.

Years ago I wrote down my story, when the freshness of revival was welling up inside me like never before. I wanted to tell the whole world how Jesus changed my life.

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Today I am going to share my story with you, and I pray that it will touch your heart and move you to be once again gripped by the greatness of God. At a very young age, I gave my life to Christ and wanted to do my best to live a life that was pleasing to him. I was raised in a wonderful church, and I have amazing parents who taught me the importance of living for Christ.

When I went away to college and was far from my safe surroundings, I found myself questioning what I believed.

Did I believe what I believed just because my parents told me it was right? My doubts led me further away. All of this slowly led to a life growing distant from God, and the farther I got, the less I was convicted about my original beliefs. My actions became more worldly, and my beliefs began to change to fit those actions. Leave me alone! Everything around me told me to live for the moment, to just live for myself.

And that is exactly what I did. I wanted to live life by my own rules, and believing in Jesus did not fit with my lifestyle.

The grace of God is not in vain

As I entered this new period of my life, I stopped caring how my actions affected others, because without Christ, the only person I had to look out for was myself. I could do what I wanted when I wanted, spend my money on whatever I desired, and choose friends who fit in with my selfish lifestyle. I remember feeling completely alone, even in the middle of a crowd. Even as I laughed with my newfound friends, I felt a sadness welling up inside of me. I knew something was wrong inside of me, but I kept trying to deny it.

My Testimony: Changed by the Grace of God

Stubbornly, I just shut out His voice, hoping to find some other way to make my life complete. I thought if I could just find the right person to marry, that would make me fulfilled and happy for the rest of my life. Or if I found success in a career, that would certainly make me feel accomplished and proud and therefore complete. But no matter where I searched or what I accomplished, I could not find what I was looking for. But in this fog of loneliness and desperation, I finally came to my breaking point. At that low yet eye-opening moment, I knew deep in my soul that there was only one way to find peace and fulfillment in life.

It was through Jesus Christ…the One I had turned my back on long ago!

The Grace & Mercy Foundation

I had searched every other option the world had offered, and they all left me empty. I now knew that Jesus was the key to climbing out of the fog and back into the light. And I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and relief rush over me. But at the same time, I also felt like such a fool, like I had wasted so much of my life. I had been tricked by the schemes of the devil, the ultimate salesman who lifts up everything false as being true. And I had believed it all. The lie of happiness without Jesus, the lie that I was the only person who mattered, and the lie that there was nothing more to this life than what the world offers.

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I had lived for such meaningless things, and I realized how wrong I had been. But at that moment, I also realized something else very important. I may have been a fool, but Satan could not take everything from me. No, he could not take my HOPE! The godly seeds that my parents had planted in me so long ago still lived inside of me. The image of sitting on my bed with my mom and sisters, asking God into my heart at a very young age, sprang up into my memory. God had been with me since that very day, and I knew that was real.

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And when I realized hope was still alive, I was flooded with pure thankfulness to the only One who could save me. Although I had been living in the dark, I could see light starting to shine in my life once again! Nevertheless, I could feel His abundant love and forgiveness pouring out upon me as I repented, asking for Him to forgive me and take me back. What a wondrous and beautiful moment it was! Truly, I have experienced nothing greater in my life. All praise be to God for His son Jesus Christ, who reached down and saved me!