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Octavius was defeated and returned to the time he had come from, losing memory of the recent events in the process. With no more problems to confront, Spider-Man and the rest of the spiders were sent back home. Unbeknownst to anyone, Otto Octavius had created a digital back-up of his own mind which ended up inhabiting the metallic body of Parker Industries' robotic assistant, the Living Brain.

As a consequence of this, the company managed to expand into a global conglomerate with numerous bases in different countries, with the company's trademark invention being a mobile device called the Webware. This change in Peter's life impacted his super heroic alter ego as well. Spider-Man officially became the mascot of Parker Industries under the guise of being Peter's bodyguard.

Spidey's gone global. One of Peter's biggest challenges during his tenure as a billionaire C. O was the emergence of a mysterious biotech company, operating out of the Transamerica Pyramid, called New U. Peter discovered it was a front for the operations of the Jackal, who claimed to have found a way to bring people back from the dead using cloning technology.

In an attempt to persuade Peter to put Parker Industries' resources to help his plan, the Jackal resurrected numerous of his late friends and foes, including Gwen Stacy. In a turn of events, the Jackal was revealed to be Ben Reilly,who had been brought to life by the original Jackal before taking his place. The Jackal's plan eventually fell apart following the triggering of cellular decay in the clones created by New U, which led to the release of the Carrion Virus worldwide.

The crisis was adverted when Spider-Man had his Webwares transmit an audio frequency in a global scale which halted the cellular degeneration, but not before most of the clones died. The Jackal, being a clone himself, was left for dead, though he secretly escaped and returned to the mantle of the Scarlet Spider.

Demons (Everyman's Library, 182)

Following Osborn's latest defeat, Peter's life was plagued with problems on both sides. As Spider-Man, now-Mayor Wilson Fisk decided to be publicly accepting of him while condemning all other vigilantes, in order to isolate him from his superhero peers. As Peter Parker, his academic credentials were revoked after being accused of plagiarizing his doctoral dissertion from Octavius and unable to defend himself without revealing his secret identity , resulting in his firing from the Daily Bugle. On the other hand, Peter became romantically involved again with Mary Jane, and was given an opportunity to re-apply for his doctoral thesis on the recommendation of Dr.

However, the separation split Peter down the middle, so both individuals didn't share Peter's sense of responsibility, resulting in a reckless and vain Spider-Man. Peter eventually managed to reverse the process, and merge his two halves back together before the side-effects could worsen and result in their death. Template:Quote box. As one contemporaneous journalist observed, "Spider-Man has a terrible identity problem, a marked inferiority complex , and a fear of women. He is anti-social , Template:Sic castration -ridden, racked with Oedipal guilt , and accident-prone The mids stories reflected the political tensions of the time, as early s Marvel stories had often dealt with the Cold War and Communism.

Winter 1992/93

A bite from a radioactive spider triggers mutations in Peter Parker's body, granting him superpowers. With his talents, he sews his own costume to conceal his identity, and he constructs many devices that complement his powers, most notably mechanical web-shooters to help navigate and trap his enemies along with a spider-signal as a flashlight and a warning beacon to criminals.

Spider-Man has had a large range of supporting characters introduced in the comics that are essential in the issues and storylines that star him. After his parents died, Peter Parker was raised by his loving aunt, May Parker , and his uncle and father figure, Ben Parker.

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After Uncle Ben is murdered by a burglar , Aunt May is virtually Peter's only family, and she and Peter are very close. Jonah Jameson is depicted as the publisher of the Daily Bugle and is Peter Parker's boss and as a harsh critic of Spider-Man, always saying negative things about the superhero in the newspaper. Despite his role as Jameson's publishing editor and confidant Robbie Robertson is always depicted as a supporter of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Eugene "Flash" Thompson is commonly depicted as Parker's high school tormentor and bully , but in later comic issues he becomes a friend to Peter.

Peter Parker's romantic interests range between his first crush, the fellow high-school student Liz Allan , [47] to having his first date with Betty Brant , [] the secretary to the Daily Bugle newspaper publisher J.

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After his breakup with Betty Brant, Parker eventually falls in love with his college girlfriend Gwen Stacy , [49] [52] daughter of New York City Police Department detective captain George Stacy , both of whom are later killed by supervillain enemies of Spider-Man. Writers and artists over the years have established a rogues gallery of supervillains to face Spider-Man. In comics and in other media.

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As with the hero, the majority of the villains' powers originate with scientific accidents or the misuse of scientific technology, and many have animal-themed costumes or powers. Todd McFarlane []. Unlike a lot of well-known rivalries in comics book depictions, Spider-Man is cited to have more than one archenemy and it can be debated or disputed as to which one is worse: [].

Within the Marvel Universe there exists a multiverse with many variations of Spider-Men. Ultimate Spider-Man was a popular modern retelling of Peter Parker.

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The storyline " Spider-Verse " brought back many alternate takes on Spider-Man and introduced many new inspired ones such as an alternate world where Gwen Stacy gets bitten by a radioactive spider instead along with a British themed version named Spider-UK called Billy Braddock from Captain Britain Corps.

In The Creation of Spider-Man , comic book writer-editor and historian Paul Kupperberg calls the character's superpowers "nothing too original"; what was original was that outside his secret identity, he was a "nerdy high school student". Kupperberg feels that Lee and Ditko had created something new in the world of comics: "the flawed superhero with everyday problems". This idea spawned a "comics revolution". Spider-Man has become Marvel's flagship character and has often been used as the company mascot.

A new, different Spider-Man balloon float is scheduled to appear from at least to When Marvel wanted to issue a story dealing with the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks , the company chose the December issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. In , Marvel announced plans to release a series of educational comics the following year in partnership with the United Nations, depicting Spider-Man alongside UN Peacekeeping Forces to highlight UN peacekeeping missions.

Rapper Eminem has cited Spider-Man as one of his favorite comic book superheroes.

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  5. Marvel Entertainment, LLC , a case concerning royalties on a patent for an imitation web-shooter. The opinion for the Court, by Justice Elena Kagan , included several Spider-Man references, concluding with the statement that "with great power there must also come—great responsibility". IGN noted that despite being one of the most tragic superheroes of all time that he is "one of the most fun and snarky superheroes in existence. The magazine website appraised the depiction of his "iconic" superhero poses describing it as "a top artist's dream".

    George Marston of Newsarama placed Spider-Man's origin story as the greatest origin story of all time opining that "Spider-Man's origin combines all of the most classic aspects of pathos, tragedy and scientific wonder into the perfect blend for a superhero origin.

    Spider-Man has appeared in comics, cartoons, films, video games, coloring books, novels, records, and children's books. A tokusatsu series featuring Spider-Man was produced by Toei and aired in Japan.

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    Spider-Man was featured in a trilogy of live-action films directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire as the titular superhero. A third sequel was originally scheduled to be released in , however Sony later decided to reboot the franchise with a new director and cast. Template:Sister project links. Template:Spider-Man Template:Avengers. Template:Portal bar Script error Script error.

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    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Spider-Man in film. Main article s : Spider-Man in other media. Nobody likes spiders; it sounds too much like Superman; and how could a teenager be a superhero? Then I told him I wanted the character to be a very human guy, someone who makes mistakes, who worries, who gets acne, has trouble with his girlfriend, things like that. He's not an average man! He would be called Spider-Man.