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Conrad in perspective : essays on art and fidelity, Zdzisław Najder, (electronic resource)

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Conrad in Perspective: Essays on Art and Fidelity (Paperback or Softback)

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Conrad in Perspective: Essays on Art and Fidelity

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Its aim is to resolve one of the basic critical controversies in Conrad and Faulkner, i. This study identifies the discrepancy as being directly related to the issue of alienation and commitment, which forms the core of Conrad's and Faulkner's novels. The types of alienation and commitment differentiated in this book serve to reconcile the negative and the affirmative in Conrad and Faulkner. In the end, it is the category of 'unconscious commitment' that redeems the apparent negativity of a Conrad or Faulkner novel.

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In a series of essays by film and literary scholars, Conrad on Film surveys the history and theory of these adaptations, and examines the challenges faced by major directors in putting Conrad on film. This landmark study of Conrad films, and film adaptations in general, is well illustrated and includes a detailed filmography and film bibliography. Moore, 'The Sources of Suspense.