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We even had Reel Serious Sportfishing pick us up right at our own beach 3 times to take us out on boat excursions. Down at the point a short walk away as we were walking across the water let that sink in a little , a school of dophins swam right up to us and around us. We also had rays jumping out of the water occasionally, and just a beautiful home base castle rock was.

We went out to eat a few nights, but then had Evelyn homeowners can give you contact info made us a home prepared meal one night and it was so much food that we ate on it for 3 suppers and 2 lunches. Be prepared, eating out is not all its cracked up to be on the Abaco islands. Service is slow, food is adequate, and the cost is through the rood, so Evelyn's food was a breath of fresh air and then we cooked some of our own fish that we caught.

A couple evenings of fresh caught grouper and snapper is hard to beat, even if you don't like fish that much like me.

Nothing like fresh caught seafood! Castle Rock was the perfect place for our family of 6. Our children are ages 15 - 17 - 19 - Great place to stay in a perfectly safe and quiet neighborhood. Great place to stay! Read more. Date of stay: June Location.

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Helpful Share. Huntsville, Alabama 4 contributions 3 helpful votes.

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Perfect spot! Highly recommend it to families looking for a cozy beachfront property. Thank you Susan for sharing your beautiful house! Date of stay: December Value. Damascus, Maryland 6 contributions 4 helpful votes. Best Vacation House. Castle Rock is right on a beautiful beach! The house also has a pool and hot tub with views of the ocean. This is the most relaxing vacation I have ever had. If you want night life and lots of activities go somewhere else. The house has all the amenities you could want.

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Date of stay: March Value. Business service e. Barre, Massachusetts 74 contributions 12 helpful votes. A little piece of heaven. I have been to Abaco numerous times but this was the first time that I stayed in Treasure Cay. Castle Rock has one of the best locations right on Windward Beach. The beach there is beautiful and the home itself has all the amenities that a family could want. It is such a luxury to be able to swim and snorkel footsteps from your accommodations. Very well laid out decking.

The views are truly awesome Nice breezes in this area which is great since summer temps are right up there. The new hot tub the owners put in is a nice addition. This home was very clean and modern with plenty of space for my family of 6. You are located about a mile from the Marina, restaurant, grocery store etc. If one wants to try another beach you can easily reach Treasure Cay Beach rated one of the 10 top beaches with a short golf cart ride. A perfect area for a beach walk.. Yes, this area is so quiet that you can actually use a golf cart to get around. Other modes of transportation would be rental car, boat, or taxi.

Because there are not many restaurants or souvenir shops, it might be best to rent a car.. This way you can drive down to Marsh harbour in about 40 minutes. This area has many shops, restaurants and also bigger grocery stores. A perfect vacation for those looking for peace and quiet on a beautiful beach with spectacular views. Date of stay: June Value. Overall, I really liked the plot and I liked that the main character is a body language expert.

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That was really fascinating. I liked the main character so I am hoping that the next book doesn't have the super offensive swearing. I would have rated this book closer to four stars if the offensive language had been removed or vastly reduced.

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    Riveting A wonderfully written murder with high stakes drama. Interspersed with both a sad history and a little hilarity, this book had it all. I was captivated by the lives of the characters, written with care and color that made them completely believable. While the caught up in the intrigue of the story, the ribbons of life binding all the characters, I found myself unable to put the pieces together solving the murder right up to the end.

    This in itself makes this book and author one of my new Riveting A wonderfully written murder with high stakes drama. This in itself makes this book and author one of my new favorites. I recommend this highly. Apr 11, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: murder-mystery , ebooks-owned , contemporary-romance , pages. Castle Cay by Lee Hanson is a good mystery of 'who done it?

    She returns to Boston for the services for Marc and starts by observing the people at the wake and the services. Julia is an expert at reading body language and has a business of helping lawyers pick jury panels by reading body language to get people that will be fair to the defendant.

    She shares an office with Joe Garrett, a PI and together they call in favors and contacts to start investigating Marc's death. David, Marc's love interest is charged with murder until the real killer is revealed. The story leaves the reader on the edge as clues are revealed and put together to find the murderer, a mob drug ring is brought down by the FBI.

    Joe makes a move on Julie or Merlin as she is know professionally and they are the romantic interest. Castle Cay has a lot of mystery and a nice little romance too for a really good story from start to finish. The author uses flashbacks to tell the story very effectively. Jan 02, B. Hewitt rated it it was ok. Hanson spins a tale of tragic loss, devious conspiracies, and murder. Unfortunately Castle Cay is a classic story told, rather than shown. The story of course is readable, but it is just a story. The shallowness of the characters, and their lack of feeling, even while immersed in their own dreadful circumstance, left the reader with Hanson spins a tale of tragic loss, devious conspiracies, and murder.

    The shallowness of the characters, and their lack of feeling, even while immersed in their own dreadful circumstance, left the reader with no empathy toward them.

    Castle Cay: The Julie O'Hara Mystery Series

    Even though the idea is good, a writer must have the ability to make you feel the emotions of his characters. Never once, in this particular book was I put into a position to feel the characters pain, grief, or exultation. Even when our main character Julia, tragically loses her husband on their honeymoon, the author does not allow us to feel her pain.

    The conspiratorial character does not hold any menace. I would say, the three or four hours it takes to read this piece, was time better spent elsewhere. Apr 29, Paul rated it it was amazing. If I had to give this review a title, it would be "Far From Bad. I would even venture to say that "Castle Cay" owes a small debt stylistically to Hemingway, with sparse prose that evokes a scene without belaboring it.

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    Positives: Our protagonist is amazing. Julie O'Hara was nothing short of a dynamic character. She is not the smartest person in the room but she is a body language expert, which allows her to "read" people, and the inner dialog as she does this absolutely made her "snap" for me. No other character is as well-developed as Julie, but if you think about it, that is how a detective story usually works. When I was reading it, before I read the author's biographical "blurb," I was amazed at how she understood the way organized crime in Boston operated.