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The production process of Silkgel and Silkbeads product lines is completely free of animal derived materials, thus the products are vegan.

The functional silk biotechnology is a sustainable solution for the personal care industry and meets the expectations of the market concerning compliance with the latest beauty trends. Functional Silk Encapsulation - Plastic-free microcapsules for personal care applications.

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Experienced, competent and unique. Our products are inspired by market trends, complex requirements and customer needs.

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All product claims are based on scientific evidence and are proven in user tests, in-vivo and in-vitro studies. Please contact us for formulation guidelines, dosage recommendations and documents here. RAHN AG combines a modern and attractive product portfolio consisting of high-quality specialties with established know-how and supports their customers in developing successful cosmetic concepts.

A qualified technical staff ensures the best customer service including formulation support. Today environmental influences such as pollution and irritants affect our skin.

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Therefore, the skin has to be protected. Especially consumers in big cities are increasingly demanding cosmetics for skin protection. Biotechnology in Personal Care.

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